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Did you know? (Medical devices and Mental Health Products)

Do you know....US health plans: Compared medical devices with: standards of care (64% of the time), other devices only (23%); and pharmaceuticals (13%)? Carved out their mental health benefit out 1/3 of the time, and for mental health¬†conditions with multiple therapies available: generics¬†are required first (45% of plans), step therapy is mandated (37%), and specialists…
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Nov-15: Healthcare Similarities & Differences

As I prepare to leave the United States (US) for the ISPOR meeting in Milan, I began to think about differences in healthcare systems. Many countries in Europe use the Euro, a common currency. Despite this similarity, these countries have different health systems, approval processes, and reimbursement rates. Products on the market in one country…
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HCV Awareness: Get tested!

Recognizing that up to 75% of HepatitisC (HCV) infected individuals are unaware of their health status, the newest CDC guidelines recommend that all persons born from 1945 through 1965 be screened at least once for HCV. Other 'atrisk' groups are recommended to get tested. These guidelines are available at If you are in one…
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Spring Meetings!

Spring has finally arrived for much of the country bringing change to our environment, and change to the JeSTARx Group. Our team has been busy relocating our corporate office from California to Texas, updating our website (an ongoing process), working with our clients and partners to communicate research findings and improve market access. Our third…
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