Market Research

Market Research

Better Health Worldwide can support both your primary and secondary market research efforts. Our team works with you and market research specialists to get answers in a variety of ways. Primary research is based on respondent information, while our secondary research uses the various data sources to find the right answers.

In addition to traditional focus groups, Better Health Worldwide also conducts market research using our innovative 'touchscreen survey' system. These surveys are typically conducted at medical conferences, usually involving 300 - 500 physicians or other healthcare practitioners. The surveys use branching logic to obtain the most useful data in the least amount of time, can be coupled with educational or marketing messages, and can be used in conjunction with one-on-one interviews or focus groups.

We also conduct rapid turn around detailed surveys using our extensive network of key decision makers from health plans and health facilities around the country. We utilize Internet-based survey tools to measure product acceptability, formulary acceptance, and product comparative strategies.

Interactive Touch Screen Market Research Systems:

·  A great way to get 200 - 350 opinions in a very short period of time.

·  Branching logic can be used in the surveys in order to follow a certain chain of questions based upon a given response or to administer different surveys to various attendees at a conference.

·  Our interactive touchscreen survey system which has used over the last nine years.

·  The surveys can be designed to just gather information, or they can be more interactive and provide either general information or information based upon a response (e.g. correct use of a product or an 'advertorial' message). The interactive survey system can also be used to present case scenarios, and query participants regarding their actions in a variety of situations.

·  The surveys can be designed to create a focused message (e.g. start the participant thinking about a disease state, then on a generic class of drug, then on a particular drug as a solution).

·  Health care professionals enjoy doing the surveys, and it is no problem getting them to participate when given an incentive such as a long distance phone card or conference tape. We typically go out and recruit participants walking by the booth - our "YES" rate is about   85 - 90% with nurses and pharmacists, and about 70 - 80% with doctors.

·  Standard reporting includes descriptive statistics as well as meaningful cross-tabs. Data is also provided to the client in excel format. Additional reports, as well as statistical significance reporting, is available as well.

·  In addition to collecting market research data, the touchscreen surveys provide a very good 'ice-breaker' for sales reps to begin a conversation with a participant doing the survey.

·  The touchscreens provide an interesting 'high-tech' component to the booth, and the participant recruitment improves overall booth traffic.

·  The surveys can be used to screen participants for one-on-one interviews or focus groups.

·  Data can be reported at the end of each day, and the results can be used to direct the questions in subsequent focus groups.

Example screen shots for our interactive touchscreen market research survey system:


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