Study Design

Better Health Worldwide has enabled its clients within the healthcare industry to conduct a variety of Phase IV outcomes and launch studies in timeframes considered impossible by in-house infrastructures, and at a fraction of the cost of using typical CROs.

Using innovative technologies for patient engagement we streamline data collection and the data input processes, resulting in quicker turnaround times, lower costs, and improved accuracy. We combine traditional, web-based, and novel data collection technologies to capture information in the most efficient way possible. Our S.O.P.s ensure that data integrity and patient confidentiality are maintained, and the HIPPA / OIG guidelines are followed regarding protected health information (PHI).

We understand the personnel and productivity requirements in the front lines of healthcare, and we design non-encumbering systems that work within the workflow of the individuals and institutions using our systems. Maximum data is captured with a minimum of effort. In addition to our complete study design and management services, our services also include our phase IV investigator support system, providing logistics and study tracking to investigator lead studies. We also provide stand-alone CRF design and data Q/A and management services as needed.

We also realize that time is of the essence in the healthcare industry, and strive to analyze and report your data as quickly as possible. Bottom line, we create data capture systems that are used!