Navigation Outcome Studies

Navigation Outcome Studies

As I was driving to the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy (AMCP) meeting, I decided to check the routing with my car's GPS. Because it couldn't factor in traffic patterns, I also used my cell‐phone's GPS. My two devices offered me 6 different routes from Northern NJ to Boston. My experience from prior trips suggested other alternative routes; I thought how do I collectively use my devices and prior knowledge to make the best decision?

Everyone wants the 'best' path‐but how does one determine best? Is it the shortest path? The path of least resistance (traffic, tolls, construction)? The path with the most convenient rest stops? Or, as I opted for on the way home, the route with the best scenery?

Thinking about my drive inspired me to think about "the journey" we take with our client partners. When we discuss research goals, we think about our "destinations" such as Academic Congresses and journals. We face challenges similar to those of the troubled trip navigator by attempting to plot the best route and utilize all the tools (GPS devices, study designs, and databases) that provide different benefits.

There are often 'speed bumps' along the way, such as changes in the standard of care, guidelines, interventions and comparators. Then there are internal and external delays in the review of protocols, abstracts, and manuscripts. Even with the best plans we must adapt to a constantly changing environment‐and frequently end up "recalculating."

This is why the best preparation sometimes involves going outside the box. Why not take a loop around busy intersections, or try a new route‐or perhaps a different data source and study team? Let's set up some time to talk‐and see what we come up with to help accomplish your goals and meet your challenges.

I will be attending the upcoming ISPOR meeting in Amsterdam. Part of my goal for the meeting is to introduce people to objectively captured data on indirect costs and absenteeism, for employees and their spouses with health conditions. Please give me a call (973‐208‐8621) or email me at and let's discuss.

We know that sometimes your data and research needs can't wait. We are here to help! Please give me a call (office 973‐208‐ 8621) or email me at to discuss.

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